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Marilyn Manson's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Marilyn Manson

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[15 Aug 2005|03:16am]

[ mood | awake ]

I know where not supposed to advertise other community's.. but thier having a debate about Manson, and since where alll manson fans.. lol


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And if you join, you have to tell them I told you to join. Eheh. XD

I belive it

[28 Jul 2005|01:37pm]


MARILYN MANSON and DITA VON TEESE have unveiled their ultimate wish for their upcoming wedding
- they want snow and fog.</p>

Shock rocker Manson, 36, and 32-year-old burlesque dancer Von Teese plan to
exchange nuptials this winter (05) without the weather most would desire.

Von Teese, who will wear a VIVIENNE WESTWOOD gown on the big day, explains,
'It's not going to be dark. No bats instead of doves, no black wedding gown.

"(But) we're hoping for snow and fog!"

Stunning Von Teese is also thrilled that Manson has allowed her to take
charge of the arrangements.

She adds, "He's very interested in the ceremony, but he's trusting my
judgment on all the aesthetics."


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[27 Jul 2005|02:01am]

Since I love all you guys! And you all love me. (I think) Can I post this here and you tell me what you think? If not, let me know and it can be removed. I mean, we can post anything Manson related right?

-MUST credit lovely_nobodies in your user info.
-MUST comment telling me which one(s) your taking.
-Copy and paste into your overrides box
-You DO NOT have to use the Journal and Firends titles.

If you have any problems with the codes, or any questions, comment here on in my journal. Thanks and Injoy!

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[22 Jul 2005|08:21pm]

hey, i know i haven't updated in a couple of weeks, it's cuz my dad read one of my entries about my mom and how much i hate her and shit and he got all pissed off and blocked livejournal/myspace from my computer. The only reason i'm writting in here is cuz i'm at my friend christina's house... hence the letter up there. ya... please don't delete me from ur friends list please because of this cuz i'll be back towards the end of the month. k, talk to you in august... hopefully.
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[17 Jul 2005|06:58pm]

Is it just me or dose it sound like his cracking up. I would like to see that movie and Alice In Wonderland, too.

Manson Making Movies - interviewCollapse )

Maybe it's time to find a new obsession?
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Hello [03 Jul 2005|04:08pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]



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[30 Jun 2005|09:54pm]


new manson comm.



anyone have ideas on a layout?

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[29 Jun 2005|02:35pm]

Babble Babble,
Bitch Bitch,
Rebel Rebel,
Party Party,
Sex Sex Sex,
And don't forget the violence.
Blah Blah Blah,

(i'm not totally sure on the lyrics after that so i'm not going to type them wrong and look like an idiot.)

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2 layouts [21 Jun 2005|02:42pm]

2 Layouts
All I ask is for credit somehow and comment to tell me which one your taking
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x-posted in vodka_and_pogo [19 Jun 2005|08:46am]

[ mood | tired ]

I thought this was cute and had to share with you guys.

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Hello everyone [09 Jun 2005|05:02pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

Its my 22 b-day tomarrow..im leaving for a few days..more details in my Journal. thought I would stop by and share some pics



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[09 Jun 2005|02:44pm]

Stole this from hard_drug__face on manson_icons

silly manson<33Collapse )
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[02 Jun 2005|07:11pm]

[ mood | exanimate ]

Hey no one said anything about the new layout.

Do you guys like it? If you don't or you think it's annoying or something please tell me, it's no big deal, i have a friend who makes them all the time.


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[02 Jun 2005|12:11am]

I dont know if this is allowed...

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Cut Off All Your Fingers [31 May 2005|04:42pm]

Each thing I show you is a piece of my death...Collapse )
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[26 May 2005|06:32pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey guys.

ok, i know we've gotton a good amount of members so far, and i know you guys post. but do you guys have any ideas of what we can do to get more ppl to post or make the community more popular? I've already promoted to all the communities I'm in. do u guys have any ideas??

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[ mood | confused ]

MARILYN MANSON's fiancee DITA VON TEESE split from her former love PETER SARSGAARD after she found out he was having an affair with supermodel SHALOM HARLOW.

The burlesque strip artist dated the KINSEY actor until she found out he had been secretly romancing the Canadian model-turned actress.

Von Teese says, "She was someone I am a big fan of, and we have since sat next to each other at a fashion show and talked about it.

"In fact, she admitted that he cheated on her, too. It's something that happens to every girl at some point. The way I see it was that if he hadn't done it, I wouldn't have got together with Marilyn."

Von Teese and Harlow both attended the Costume Institute Gale in New York earlier this month (MAY05).

Sarsgaard split from Harlow in early 2002, and began dating current girlfriend MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL later that year.


Uhm, I think I need a replay of that:
The way I see it was that if he hadn't done it, I wouldn't have got together with Marilyn.

Okaaay...... O_o

Maggie Gyllenhaal is Donnie's sister in Donnia Darko. Who actually is his sister in reality too (his name is Jake Gyllenhaal). Yes, a little off-topic...


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[24 May 2005|05:51pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Loser: Sign With Island
Loser have signed a deal with Island Records. Featuring former Marilyn Manson/current Rob Zombie guitarist John 5, the groups new album will see a release later this year.

The group will also have a new track on the Fantastic Four Sdtk. due out this summer.

Just thought you'd like to know. It was floating around LJ.

I belive it

[20 May 2005|05:35pm]

k guys I'm back again, good news, next week is my last week of school:) so I'll be able to come on everyday. unless i have to go to summer school.... then i won't be able to come on for another 5 weeks. crap. w/e. I'll pass... most likely
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Just one picture for tonight [19 May 2005|02:05am]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Rock is DeadCollapse )

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